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If I was a GM - 2014 NBA Draft Top 10

July 16, 2014

Note: When I talk about a players ppg potential I'm going from eye test alone and referring to said players peek projected number in their prime. (In my opinion).

Parker has 25+ ppg potential, might struggle defensively, but you can't pass up 25+ ppg potential with the number one overall pick. Wiggins has 20+ ppg potential while possibly being a lockdown defender, needs to improve his left hand. Incredibly athletic and great in transition, shot looks good, percentages should improve. Exum has the potential to be the best two guard/combo guard in the NBA in five years with his ability to get into the lane, combined with his measureables, and speed/quickness, that is if he improves his jump shot.

Was number one, but how can you risk taking a big man with foot and back problems ahead of potential elite wing players in my opinion. If healthy throughout his career, he should have to biggest impact according to the rankings, I agree.

Smart is the best PG in the draft according to the rankings, I agree. I would take him 5th overall only because his scoring potential isn't as high as the other four players, and getting an elite wing or big man is more valuable and rare than an elite PG. He's a defensive, tough, PG that should be able to get into the lane at will and post other PG's up, needs to improve his shot, don't know if he has elite scoring potential. Vonleh has 15+ ppg potential from the PF position while being able to stretch the floor, that's a potential elite weapon/player to have.

Nurkic has 15+ ppg potential at the C position, his rim protection needs to be questioned, but has great feet and has the possibility to be a solid defender, rim protection is not all about vertical leap. Warren has 15+ ppg potential at the SF position while being tough, has the ability to play off the ball, while being no liability defensively either, needs to stretch his shot out to the NBA three point line. He projects to be a really solid player and possibly a star according to the rankings combined with his scoring potential at SF. Payton has starting PG written all over him, kind of a do it all, highly defensive, can get into the lane at will type of PG. He needs to improve on his shot, but with talent around him he should be able to successfully lead his team. Adams has solid two guard written all over him, he just needs to refine his game and continue his fluid all-around game, he affects the game in so many ways, I'd very surprised if he wasn't a very productive NBA player and an overall positive for his team. Honestly 7-10 are all interchangeable, need a PG, take Payton, SG, go with Adams, SF, go with Warren, and in need of a C, take Nurkic.

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