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2015 Top 8 Draft Busts (Most Overhyped Players, some might surprise you)

May 19, 2015

In my opinion, these are players that will not live up to their draft selections.

Mario Hezonja-He could be a solid role player, but he won't be drafted to be just that. He'll more than likely be drafted way too high with the team thinking he has star potential, he doesn't according to the rankings, I agree. If you're drafting him over R.J Hunter or Stanley Johnson then that would be a very bad decision.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson-He's in the negatives according to the rankings and he has a broken jump shot. This is going to make it tough for a legitimate team to play him any significant minutes. His jump shot needs to improve. He could play spot minutes until then. I'd stay away.

Sam Dekker-He really doesn't do anything great, he's not going to be a star and he's ranked below 0 so more than likely he'll need a niche. A 30% 3 point shooter is not going to cut it. I like that he can handle the ball in the half court though. He'll be drafted higher than he should be, he's an ideal 7th-8th man on a team. He'll stick in the league because he can create a little in the half court and knock down some shots. It might be a Chandler Parsons thing where people think he's good for the team but every team he goes to and plays big minutes on gets worse, and the team gets better when he leaves.

Tyus Jones-PG's his size need to be extremely quick and athletic and/or be able to score in bunches, Jones projects to do neither. He'll be drafted too high, he's a backup PG in the NBA (or a starter next to a James Harden type player) that will be drafted over or around potential starting PG's in the NBA like Cameron Payne, Delon Wright, Jerian Grant, and Terry Rozier, therefore he is overvalued and is considered a bust due to the quality PG's in this draft and where he'll get drafted. I'd take all 4 of those guys above Jones and wouldn't even think twice about it.

Rashad Vaughn-He's going to have trouble finding minutes. I don't know what else to say. I wouldn't draft him at all. He ranks very low and just doesn't do one thing particularly well to possibly be able to find a niche. He's going to get drafted due to how young he is. That's a big mistake. To clarify, he handled the ball a lot this year and pretty much had the green light, he's a decent shooter but not one NBA team is going to let him be a ball-dominant player. He's not talented enough. So he'll need to be 3 and D SG, but doesn't project to be a good defensive player. Basically he's a 3 point shooter that is used to being the man and having the ball in his hands. He can be a solid 3 point SG that plays below average defense over time, that is if he accepts his role. Pass.

Montrezl Harrell-Played at a big-time program, kind of overhyped. A garbage man in the NBA, he has a place but these players are a dime a dozen. Will have a solid career, worth a pick, but will more than likely be picked too high. "First to arrive, last to leave, hardest worker in practice", type of cliches will be said about him when asked about his 10 minutes off the bench importance to the team. You've seen it before, you're going to see it again. There's better options at where he'll be picked.

Trey Lyles-He's going to be picked too high, his ceiling is a stretch 4 that is not physical, weak on the boards, and bad defensively in the post. I would not spend a lottery pick on him, anything higher than 25 is bad value for Lyles, they'll be better options when he's picked, therefore considering him a bust.

Devin Booker-I don't understand why he would be taken over R.J. Hunter. Booker will more than likely be a solid 3 point shooter, not great. He'll also more than likely be a liability on defense. He was wide open all year at Kentucky. According to the rankings, he's not going to have a very big impact in the NBA. He's a shooter so he's got that going for him, but he is not worth a first round pick.

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