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2011 NBA Draft Scouting Formula Rankings

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This is a complex scouting formula that I developed that combines stats, advanced stats, size/athleticism, and eye test scouting to give each prospect a number that a)predicts whether that player will be a good/quality NBA player (0 or above), or a possible niche NBA player (below 0), and b)predicts a players two-way impact in the NBA*.

*Note: The player with the highest number isn't always the best player to take #1 overall and so on and so forth because a player with elite scoring potential is rarer than a player with elite defensive potential (i.e. each team has 2-3 defensive stoppers, or what they like to consider premier defensive players, and only 18 players averaged more than 20 ppg during the 2013-2014 season). So to use this formula correctly, after this number is formulated, and it gives you a good idea of who the good/quality NBA players will be out of the draft and which players will have to find a niche to stay in the NBA and be solid/productive players, you should still do more eye test scouting to find the player with the most rare/valuable skills (i.e. elite offensive potential) and draft or mock draft accordingly to what fits your team the best and/or what team needs are. Or just take the best offensive prospect with the highest number in the vicinity.

The eye test scouting part is highly non-debatable. I use a series of questions that I give values (i.e 1-4) to players to use in this part of the formula.

G Iman Shumpert 0.90
G Klay Thompson 0.71
G Marshon Brooks*** 0.43
G Kyrie Irving 0.42
G Kemba Walker 0.34
G Jimmy Butler 0.21
G Reggie Jackson 0.06
G Isaiah Thomas 0.02
G Jimmer Fredette -0.12
G E'Twaun Moore -0.22
G Charles Jenkins -0.33
G Norris Cole -0.42
G Diante Garrett -0.43
G Brandon Knight -0.54
G Shelvin Mack -0.59
G Darius Morris -0.67
G David Lighty -0.68
G Alec Burks -0.75
G Nolan Smith -0.75
G Cory Joseph -0.75
G Travis Leslie -0.83
G Demetri McCamey -0.90
G Ben Hansbrough -1.08
G Scotty Hopson -1.10
G Malcolm Lee -1.30
G Josh Selby -1.53
F Kawhi Leonard 0.36
F Kenneth Faried 0.34
F Chris Singleton 0.22
F Donatas Motiejunas* 0.08
F Jujuan Johnson -0.02
F Chandler Parsons -0.16
F Tobias Harris -0.26
F Derrick Williams -0.33
F Jordan Hamilton -0.42
F Jan Vesely* -0.42
F Kyle Singler -0.52
F Marcus Morris -0.54
F Trey Thompkins -0.64
F Tristan Thompson -0.66
F Markieff Morris -0.76
F Tyler Honeycutt -0.76
F Jon Leuer -0.78
F Malcolm Thomas -0.93
F Justin Harper -0.93
F Jereme Richmond -1.66
C Nikola Vucevic 0.23
C Jonas Valanciunas* 0.03
C Keith Benson -0.09
C Bismack Biyombo* -0.22
C Michael Dunigan -1.06
C Jordan Willams -1.22

* Player did not attend U.S. college and played in Euroleague, Eurocup, ACB, etc.
**Stats are taken from U19 tournament.
***Player was more than likely red flagged by numerous teams due to injury, off-court issues, etc.

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