Hi, my name is Mark and here's the story behind this brilliant discovery, program, and website:

So here it is, awhile back I became very interested in psychology, the human body, and the human mind. I learned a lot through my own willingness to gain as much powerful information as I could. I read basically everything I could get my hands on from books by Dr. Sigmund Freud to Dr. John Sarno to psychology textbooks. I learned so much valuable information through some necessity coupled with a lot of interest. I began using the information I picked up and learned, combined a few ideas and actually began expanding upon doctors methods.

I had noticed I was hungry more often than not and definitely more often than I should be. I was gaining weight, always hungry, and it was becoming a viscous cycle. I was also exercising more and more, but I wasn't losing any weight and I continued being hungry at the most inopportune times.

One day I tried something out with what I had learned through all my studying of psychology, the human body, and the human mind. I figured it wasn't right that I was hungry this much. So I tried something and it worked, my hunger was gone, not only that but I wasn't craving sweets anymore either. I kept on doing it and sure enough, it kept on working, the same results, amazing. So I thought, "surely this only works on me, but what if, …what if, this wasn't just unique for me?"

I gave this to some friends and family to try and it worked for each one of them also. To make a long story short I have the ability to suppress my appetite at any time of the day and so do the 15 other people I showed this to to test this out. I have lost weight and I can go a very long time without needing to eat anything.

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