Q: Is this program safe?

A: Yes, this program is completely safe and there are no side effects.

Q: How long after purchasing and then reading the program/eBook will it take for me to start suppressing my appetite?

A: After reading the program/eBook, some or even most people will be able to start suppressing their appetite the very first day. Others it will take a little longer. It really varies and depends on how quickly you pick up on the method. The method is actually quite simple, but it is or will be a fairly new concept to most people.

Q: Do I need to exercise to make this work?

A: No, in order to suppress your appetite using this method, you do not need to exercise. Nor do you need incredible willpower. Nor do you need to be a genius and understand the ins and outs of psychology. I've done all of the research and work for you, all you need to do is follow the simple, easy-to-read program.

Q: What if this does not work for me?

A: Email me and let me know what you tried and I can give some help and feedback. This program should work for almost everybody. I realize that nothing works for everybody and this program is no different. If this does not work right away, don't give up, keep your head up, and don't be hesitant to email me.

Q: This seems too good to be true, other appetite suppressant supplements/products are $20-$50 per month and may or may not work after a few months of use, how is your product/program only $50, one time fee, and you claim it works the first day?

A: The mind is a very powerful healing tool and with the right information can be more powerful and work better than any supplement you could possibly take. If you want to take supplements, be my guest. But if you want to find the real reason as to why you're hungry more often than you'd like, purchase my eBook/program to find the simple cure.

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